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Autoglym Shampoo | Autoglym Polish | Autoglym Aqua Wax | Autogylm Gloss Protection

Keep your most prized possession in pristine condition with Autoglym; a leading British brand of valeting and car care products used throughout the world. Prevalent amongst professionals and car enthusiasts, Autoglym has built a reputation at the cutting edge of the industry and as proud stockists we take great pride in selling car care items manufactured by Autoglym; including their shampoo, polish, aqua wax and gloss protection.

One of the brands most popular products is its Hi-Foam Interior Shampoo. Autoglym shampoo contains a highly effective blend of solvents and surfactants and through an unusual foaming action, Autoglym shampoo is able to outperform the competition on a wide range of surfaces including carpets, fabrics, upholstery and even plastics!

Let your car gleam with pride using Autoglym aqua wax. Autoglym aqua wax comes with two microfibre cloths and is able to deliver a perfect finish every time on all exterior surfaces. Better yet, it can ever go on wet, immediately after washing. However, Aqua Wax is only one option in a robust product line of polish and polish alternatives developed by Autoglym. Their extra gloss protection, which comes in 325ml bottles, is also quite popular; particularly among professional finishers. Autoglym extra gloss protection doesn’t contain any polishing or cleaning agents, and it provides a durable, deep gloss film on all metallic, clear-coat and water-based finishes.

For practical solutions, Autoglym also offers de-icer products that contrain a concentrated water-free formulation to quickly clear frosted or snow covered surfaces without re-freezing; perfect for the cooler months!

For the driver seeking to renew that like-new smell, the Autoglym provides autofresh air freshener in 500ml spray bottles. Most automotive deodorizers are passive, but this is an active product that allows you to target the sources of unpleasant odors. It also has a permeating effect that creates a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance throughout the vehicle interior. So for superior car cleaning and maintenance inside and out, look no further than Autoglym car care products bought to you by Wigley DIY! We stock Autoglym shampoo, Autoglym polish, Autoglym aqua wax, Autoglym extra gloss protection amongst much, much more!

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