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Automatic Watering System

All the bother of moving and positioning hoses and sprinklers can now be avoided. An automatic watering system for the garden can be constructed in a modular fashion using an array of supply hoses, connectors and valves controlled by a timer. The hoses are made of tough, UV-resistant plastic and can be punctured wherever water is required using a special tool. In the inevitable event that a hole gets punched in the wrong place, there are convenient hole plugs. At the ends of the lines are placed sprayers of several designs for covering precise areas. To keep the supply lines in places, there are various stakes and clips.

Since this type of automatic watering system is modular, it can grow or change shape as needed. Beginners can start with a small garden and a system to match, adding to it as they get more adventurous and put more land under tillage. A good source for all this equipment is the ultimate home project supply spot, Wigley DIY featuring the Hozelock Automatic Watering System For Gardens. With its wide range of sprayers, drippers, micro jets and strips, this system gives the gardener far more control than old-style hoses and sprinklers. Small, delicate plants can get a gentle mist that gradually increases to a stronger spray as they grow. If the pressure is always too high, the Hozelock Automatic Watering System For Gardens even includes a pressure reducer to go between the tap and the supply hose.

For those who already use the system and need a good, affordable source for Hozelock Automatic Watering System parts, Wigley DIY is a one-stop shopping spot. Even the best equipment will wear out from heavy use, and Hozelock owners certainly love to use theirs. When the inevitable breakage occurs, Wigley’s has exactly the part to replace it.

It’s best to get all parts from the same company to make sure it all fits, and since Wigley’s has the full line of Hozelock Automatic Watering System parts at impressive savings, there’s absolutely no reason to go elsewhere for all automatic watering system needs.

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