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Nothing ruins the beauty of your garden more than weeds. After all that hard work trying to achieve the garden of your dreams, they are the last thing you want. However, with Wigley DIY you can control weeds with some of the most effective weed killers on the market.

Roundup and Weedol are two of our favourite brands for weed control here at Wigley DIY and soon they will become yours too. In fact, used by professional gardeners all over the UK, they are the brands that can guarantee you weed killer that kills weeds right down to the root, preventing them from coming back for up to 3 months. Simply choose from a spray, gel or liquid based weed killer and see the results in a matter of days.

Typically, every weed killer is designed to target a specific kind of weed so the key to weed control and choosing the right weed killer is by understanding the kind of weeds that grow in your garden. It’s also important to consider where your weeds appear as some weed killers are ideal for treating weeds in a small, confined area whilst others are great for much larger areas. Likewise, some weed killers are great for use all around the garden, where as others are better for controlling weeds in flower beds, hedges or in your lawn.

So make your garden free of weeds with Wigley DIY and our wide range of weed killers. We provide only the best weed killers on the market which guarantee superb results every time.

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