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Flymo Lawnmowers | Flymo Hedge Trimmers | Flymo Garden Vac

As part of our garden power tools here at Wigley DIY, we stock a large range of popular products from the brand Flymo. In fact from Flymo lawnmowers to Flymo hedge trimmers and more - we have a range of options to suit whatever job you need doing. The great selection that we have available has been designed by professionals to give you superior results, without having to pay the premium price tag! We even have a Flymo garden vac perfect for collecting those fallen leaves in autumn.

Invented in 1964, the original Flymo hover mower is the flagship product of the brand and has had many variations produced since. Floating on a cushion of air driven down by a powerful fan in the casing, Flymo lawnmowers utilise light plastic bodies to reduce weight, allowing a light and easy to control mower with great manoeuvrability. Flymo lawnmowers are some of the best around, manufactured with an innovative glide design that enables you to get cleaner lines and a better looking lawn.

Alongside lawnmowers, however, Flymo also produce items for general garden care including the Flymo garden vac mentioned earlier, and the Flymo hedge trimmers from the Easicut range; a selection of fast, neat and efficient set of products which provide superior and professional results, without the commonly associated price tag.

As a recommendation and if you are looking for Flymo hedge trimmers at a bargain price, we would suggest browsing either the Easicut 450 or Easicut 510 – bargain priced models which provide excellent results and superb value! Diamond ground double action blades provide quick, efficient and effective results, giving faster and neater results than most competing products.

So, get the garden you have always wanted with garden power tools from Flymo at Wigley DIY! We have a great range of Flymo products for you to choose from including the iconic Flymo hover mower, a selection of Flymo lawnmowers, Flymo hedge trimmers and Flymo garden vacs.

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