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Weedol Rootkill Plus | Weedol Weed Killer

Did you have high hopes for your garden this year? Are you falling behind with maintenance, finding that the ever increasing number of weeds growing around your home is just too much for you to handle? Have you tried (and failed with) other weed killing products and found that simply nothing seems to work? Now try the all new range of Weedol rootkill plus weed killer products here at Wigley DIY!

DIY isn’t just building shelves, fixing chair legs and hanging photo frames – all aspects of home and garden maintenance is cared for here at Wigleys! Now you can have the garden you have always wanted – neat, tidy, clean, fresh and colourful, WITHOUT the pain of an invading army of unwanted pest plants! Launched back in the 1960’s, Weedol has been a home-favourite brand, helping to make many homemakers and professionals lives easier, creating much more impressive gardens, and ridding many of those dreaded weed problems!

Wigley DIY have great prices on products such as Weedol rootkill plus, one of the most highly favoured weed killers on the market – with quick and effective results, killing not only the top of the plant (as many do) but destroying the weed right down to the ends of its roots, ensuring once and for all that when a weed is killed, there is absolutely no chance of it coming back! We have products such as the Weedol gun rootkill plus, a pre-diluted formula which is ready to use, just attach the spray head and away you go!

Browse our range of Weedol weed killer products below, including the remarkable Weedol rootkill plus in a variety of sizes, including a ready to go 3 litre spray bottle!

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