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Wigley DIY have a great range of plant food and garden compost available for all of your spring and summer needs. Buy compost from us in time for Springtime and get your seedlings off to a fantastic start with some of the best quality garden composts that you can buy. Spring is fast on its way and there’s no better feeling than when you start off your tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables off as seedlings, watching them grow until they end up on your plate!

Here at Wigley we have a whole range of plant food suitable for many different plants, fruits and vegetables, from all of the leading brands such as; Levington, Miracle-Gro, Osmocote and many others. For an all-round solution, we have recommend the Miracle-Gro, all-purpose plant food. This is one of the most widely praised products which promises to grow your plants to twice the size of the equivalent unfed plant, helping to supply your plants with all of the essential nutrients they require to grow large root systems, beautiful green leaves and flowers.

Are you growing tomato plants in your greenhouse? Stop by our site and pickup a bottle or two of the famous Tomorite tomato fertilizer by Levington – the number 1 liquid tomato feed with seaweed extract and a high potash content! For juicy tomatoes, peppers, chillies, cucumbers and almost any other fruit, Levington Tomorite is the perfect feed for your greenhouse! Don’t forget to buy compost for your greenhouse from us! We have a fantastic range which includes compost ideal for Cacti, houseplants and orchids.

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