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Kilner Jars | Preserve Jars

Wigley DIY is the place to go for all Kilner jars and accessories! Kilner is one of the leading names in the world of jam and preserving. Used by beginners and professionals all over the world, Kilner preserve jars are perfect for bottling your favourite jams ready to share with family and friends!

Preserving jars are the key to a delicious jam or other preserve. Making jam is something that the Kilner brand takes very seriously and they understand that people who make jam put an immense amount of time and effort into their passion. That’s why; they take an immense amount of pride in creating preserve jars that are guaranteed to seal in the goodness time and time again.

So shop Wigley DIY today where we offer a top quality range of Kilner jars perfect for making jam. The only trouble you’ll have here, is deciding which jam to make next! Will it be strawberry, raspberry or plum?

Never made jam before? I’m sure our range of Kilner jars will inspire you! Alternatively, we have Kilner bottles and dispensers perfect for a refreshing cold drink in the summer!

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