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Unleash the power of DIY with a set of Bosch power tools. As a distinctive leader in the industry with 130 years’ experience, Bosch is no doubt one of the first brands that come to mind when searching for high end DIY tools. They guarantee quality, efficiently and durability with practical designs and affordable price tags, making them a brilliant investment for everyone and every budget. Indeed, you ask any homeowner or professional tradesmen and we can bet that their toolbox or garden shed features multiple Bosch tools. There’s no questioning, they lead the way when you need a little more power to complete your next DIY job and that’s why here at Wigley DIY we offer a huge selection of Bosch tools for all your hardware and DIY needs. In fact, when it comes to Bosch, there really is no better hardware store in Worcestershire to shop. Whether you are looking for a Bosch drill, a Bosch lawnmower, a Bosch hedge trimmer or Bosch power tools in general, Wigley DIY has it all.

When choosing a high power cordless Bosch drill, we would recommend the small but mighty Bosch PSR 18v Drill. With a built-in LED light and 10 pre-selectable torque settings, this Bosch Drill is compact, full of power and embraces a host of features unlike no other. Popular amongst many of our existing customers, it is a fantastic and affordable choice for all of your DIY projects making it a must have for your DIY tool kit.

For the garden, we would suggest the Rotak 34 electric Bosch lawnmower which performs effortlessly, even under the toughest conditions. It is powerful, yet weighs substantially less than a conventional lawn mower allowing for easy handling. It has 6 adjustment positions for long or short grass, plus every height in between and given its unique built-in grass combs, this Bosch lawnmower will cut all the way to the edges. So amongst all your other garden tools in your shed, make sure you have a Bosch lawnmower like the Rotak 34.

Thinking of purchasing a Bosch hedge trimmer? Then the AHS 55-16 may be the one for you! It gives you the cutting power for small to medium sized hedges and is lightweight for a more comfortable working position. Alternatively, why not make the job fast and easy with a cordless hedge trimmer? The Bosch AHS 45-15 LI model has a 10.8 V lithium-ion battery that retains its charge so it's ready to go whenever you need it!

Looking for a set of Bosch power tools to help you with you DIY? Stop right here! As a well-known supplier of Bosch products, Wigley DIY has all the tools for you. Thousands of consumers trust Bosch, naming it as their favourite brand for power tools and you should too! Shop at Wigley DIY today for a great range of Bosch tools, you won't be disappointed.

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