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Hozelock Hoses | Hozelock Fittings | Hozelock Hose Reels

Hozelock is one of the leading brands in the professional and home gardening worlds. They produce a diverse a range of watering-related products that are perfect for gardens of any size and given the reputation they have built over the last 50 years, we are proud to stock Hozelock hoses, Hozelock fittings and Hozelock hose reels here at Wigley DIY.

Hozelock hoses are one of the best around, known for their high quality and durability. They are flexible, strong and extremely easy to use. They’re even anti-kink, so you don’t keep having to undue knots in the hose to keep the water flowing. Available in various different sizes, Hozelock hoses are perfect for every type of garden - large or small.

At the start and end of every Hozelock hose, is a trusty Hozelock fitting. Here at Wigley DIY, we supply a wide range of Hozelock fittings to ensure the water from your tap flows through your hose and connector effortlessly, without a spill in sight. Fit for outdoor threaded tapes to indoor mixer taps, you’re sure to find Hozelock fittings that cater for your home. Simply browse below and away you go. You’ll also find a selection of hose connectors that you can attach to the end of your Hozelock hose. Whether it’s a gun or a sprinkler, here at Wigley DIY you can water your garden in whichever way you want.

Want to store your hose away, neat and tidy? Then don’t forget Hozelock hose reels! Hozelock provide a diverse range of solutions to keep your garden hose stowed away. Depending on personal preferences, you can choose from free standing reels, carts that can be wheeled around your garden or wall mounted reels that can be fixed right next to your tap. The choice is yours.

Designed to offer green fingered customers the best possible results, Hozelock make it easy for anyone to achieve the garden of their dreams. So keep your garden watered and healthy with Hozelock at Wigley DIY. We stock a variety of Hozelock hoses, Hozelock fittings and Hozelock hose reels for you to choose from, so browse what we have on offer today and become the next Alan Titchmarsh tomorrow. Hozelock provide the very best in watering equipment for your garden, so when you’re next in need of a hose or hose fittings, look no further than Wigley DIY.

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