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Wine making kits are an easy and affordable way for you to make and sample your favourite Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Zinfandel all from the comfort of your own home. Wine making equipment is easy to set up and gives you wine perfect for drinking and impressing friends within as little as 3-6 weeks. Beginners will find the wine making kits easy to understand, with everything needed in the box and step by step instructions to creating your favourite drink. However, the equipment is also perfect for experts who want to push their wine making abilities into new directions. With variations in time and recipe, wine can go from great to exceptional. You can experiment to create your own family wine, perfect for special events such as weddings and reunions or just a night in with the lights low.

For those wishing to push their abilities even further, or beginners wishing to become experts, there are many books, magazines, and online sites that provide ideas for modifying your wine. With a kit in your home, you'll never be bored nor will you be left with an empty glass. Plus, you have the pleasure of knowing that you have created your own spectacular wine.

Home wine making has a rich history, starting during prohibition when bricks of raisins were mailed to people with strict instructions on what not to do to create your own wine. Wine making equipment has evolved since then, becoming a respectable hobby and even business across the world. Vineyards all over the globe are now selling kits with high quality juice or concentrate allowing the user to make a balanced wine with good character without having to leave their house. You can have a tour of vineyards throughout Europe, Australia, and America delivered straight to your home.

Wigley DIY are a hardware and DIY store with a wide range of wine making kits for sale. View our full range below and buy online today – free UK mainland delivery on orders over £100 (please see T&C’s for more info).

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