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Osmo Top Oil | Osmo Polyx Oil

One of the most valuable DIY projects around the home is protecting indoor and outdoor surfaces. Osmo products are easy to apply and offer a good protective layer against the elements on exterior surfaces and protect interior surfaces from spills and scratches.

To protect kitchen cabinet surfaces from spills and splatter, apply a base coat of Osmo Top Oil and follow it with two additional coats. It comes in Clear Matt and Natural Matt. Applying Top Oil waterproofs surfaces and makes them easier to clean.

UV Protection Oil is the stuff for exterior surfaces. Over time, vertical surfaces will lose colour from the harmful rays of the sun. Apply two coats to cladding, windows and doors to protect them from greying. It's available in Clear Satin Matt and Oak Transparent.,/p>

For interior wooden floors, Osmo Polyx Oil is great to protect the natural look of the floor and increase its durability. The finish is durable and water resistant. Two coats per application are recommended. It's available in shades of Satin Matt, Matt Clear, Raw Transparent, Amber, Terra and Black.

To clean and maintain your oil finished floors and furniture, use Liquid Wax Cleaner. It's great for removing stubborn stains such as shoe marks and ink. It cleans and brings back the shine of the floors and other wooden surfaces. Simply apply it with a cloth.

You've put a lot of work into your home. Protect it with Osmo products – you can buy them online at Wigley DIY.

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